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Jenny Colavito in John Bapst foyerJenny Colavito in studio w/ Ella. - edge lightJenny in studio for Xiao Xiao II - edge lightJenny kicks the bootStephanie in 404Jenny in 404 for Xiao Xiao IJenny in 404 for Xiao Xiao IIJenny in studio for Xiao Xiao IJenny in studio - skirts and smokeThe Colavito WomenAleah & TonyDancers and Fabric in studio IJenny in studio and in snow 02/22/17Jenny in studio 03/10/17Jenny & AidanJenny at BPL 03/30/2017Jenny in studio 04/19/17Stephanie & Jenny In Studio 06/09/17Jenny in studio - 09/05/17Michael's Senior Portraits 09/14/17Be whatevah postersFamily Portraits - October 1st, 2017Jenny's audition portraits - 10/30/17Audition Jan 2018Jenny in studio Feb 12th, 2018Jenny's headshots - March 9th, 2018Jenny in steampunk and tutu in the park May 17th, 2018Jenny in studio - June 11th, 2018Stephanie - wedding dress shoot in studio - Aug 4th, 2018